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Often in order to get access to international market or use foreign equipment technical documentation translation is required. According to Russian laws, all imported equipment selling on the territory of our country must have a manual in Russian. So there is growing need for professional translation of technical documents.


More often clients require the following documents to be translated: operating manual, manual for installation and operation, technical descriptions and specifications, annotations, catalogs, drawings, schemes, regulations, standards, patents, certificates, technical passports, software, accompanying documents, reports of technical services, research papers and articles, advertising and technical materials, presentations, thematic reviews, textbooks, teaching materials, essays, monographs, reports and other documents.

Our company specializes in the following fields of technical translations:

  • telecommunications;

  • IT-technologies;

  • Computer Engineering;

  • electronics;

  • radio engineering;

  • mechanical engineering;

  • instrument engineering;

  • metallurgy;

  • construction;

  • machine engineering;

  • oil and gas industry;

  • energy;

  • aerospace industry;

  • nuclear industry;

  • network technologies;

  • shipbuilding;

  • industrial air-conditioning systems;

  • audio-video equipment;

  • electronic music;

  • geology;

  • geodesy;

  • agricultural machinery;

  • chemical industry.

Official documents

(Price per document from / into a foreign language)

  • Notary certification of translation - 400 rubles.

  • Duplicate of a Notary certified translation - 500 rubles.

       Notary certified copy of a translation - 200 rubles (1-2 page document);

       50 rubles / page for multipage documents

  • Document scanning - 50 rubles. (5 rub.) + 10 rubles for each naxt page

  • Document copying - 8 rubles / 1 page (1 run).

  • Photos for documents - 200 rubles. (4 photos)

Translation price may change in the following cases:

- a text written by hand

 - a text contains diagrams and tables

 - highly specialized texts (medicine, engineering, etc.)

 - translation in the day of the order


* CIS: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Romanian, Moldavian, Georgian.

* Baltic States: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

* Europe: Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Greek, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Hungarian

* Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew

* Other documents: contracts, powers of attorney, statement, consent, judgment, complaints, certificates, transcripts, personal file, memorandum and articles of association, military ID card, and etc.

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