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From a foreign language into Russian::

  • Almost all foreign passports are bi- or trilingual, and one of the languages is always English. Accordingly, this is always specified at the top of translation (e.g. Translation from Uzbek and English).

  • Country type, code and number of passport (if it has letters) are not translated, i.e. Latin letters are left as they are international symbols.

  • Spelling a passport holder’s name must be compared with a migration card or visa, if a person traveled to Russia previously. In case he is in the country for the first time, it must be specified if there were earlier translation into Russian of any documents where his name was mention. If it wasn’t, the name must be translated according to the transliteration rules. Also names of countries, localities, regions, and etc. must be translated correctly. 

  • Names of authorities in a document must be written fully.

  • Holder’s photo in translation is indicated as follows: /Holder’s photo/, signature - /signature /.

  • Text in a seal must be translated.

  • A code at the bottom of the page is never translated, and left as it is.

  • There must be a statement of certification and signature made by a certified translator in the end of the translation.


From Russian into a foreign language::

  • Rules remain the same for passport translation into a foreign language, except for the spelling of a passport holder’s name in the translation; it must match the spelling of the name in the international passport. If there is no international passport for any reason, the name must be spelled according to the transliteration rules. Translation in two languages must be specified in the top of the translation (For example: Translated from Russian / Перевод с русского языка).

  • A statement of certification of a certified translator also must be written in two languages (Russian and a foreign language).

  • In general, passport translation needs to be certified by Notary.

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