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All employment records, as well as the registration number, stamps, text in seals, dates and signatures are translated into a foreign language and from a foreign language. Often abbreviations in records and organization names are used in an employment record book; they must be written in the translation fully, so they are recognized by a translator completely.

Employment record book translation is also complicated by a handwritten text. If a translator can’t decipher the text, he makes a note about it in the translation. Employment record book translation must be attached to the original document, since this is a requirement of a state body - the Pension Fund.


Most often it is required:

  • Translation of employment records from a foreign language into Russian and Notary certification

  • Notary certified translation of seals in an employment record book from Ukrainian, Belarusian, Uzbek into Russian

  • Translation of stamps and seals, employer names in employment record book from the CIS languages into Russian

Official documents

(Price per document from / into a foreign language)

  • Notary certification of translation - 400 rubles.

  • Duplicate of a Notary certified translation - 500 rubles.

       Notary certified copy of a translation - 200 rubles (1-2 page document);

       50 rubles / page for multipage documents

  • Document scanning - 50 rubles. (5 rub.) + 10 rubles for each naxt page

  • Document copying - 8 rubles / 1 page (1 run).

  • Photos for documents - 200 rubles. (4 photos)

Translation price may change in the following cases:

- a text written by hand

 - a text contains diagrams and tables

 - highly specialized texts (medicine, engineering, etc.)

 - translation in the day of the order


* CIS: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Romanian, Moldavian, Georgian.

* Baltic States: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

* Europe: Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Greek, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Hungarian

* Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew

* Other documents: contracts, powers of attorney, statement, consent, judgment, complaints, certificates, transcripts, personal file, memorandum and articles of association, military ID card, and etc.

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