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Birth Certificate.

Birth certificate translation from Russian into a foreign language is required to travel to foreign countries, or if a child travels with an adult to another country.

We also have apostille service, which is affixed to a Notary certified translation of birth certificate. Moreover, birth certificate translation is required for a Territorial Department of the Federal Migration Service in order to acquire Russian citizenship.


Marriage certificate.

Marriage certificate translation from Russian into a foreign language is mainly required to apply for a visa to any country, but it can be required for other purposes.

In order to exclude an error in the spelling of a Client’s name, a Manager asks the international passport when ordering the translation. And then a Client will have no problem in applying for a visa.

Also, marriage certificate can be translated from foreign languages into Russian with Notary certification. As a rule marriage certificates of European countries have an apostille stamp, then we attach the translation and in the end the document is sealed by Notary. Only after this procedure the document is legally certified and fit for all public institutions.

Death certificate.

Death certificate translation is required when relatives of the deceased Russian citizen who died abroad need to enter into an inheritance and submit relevant documentation. It is also required if the foreign resident died in Russia.

Official documents

(Price per document from / into a foreign language)

  • Notary certification of translation - 400 rubles.

  • Duplicate of a Notary certified translation - 500 rubles.

       Notary certified copy of a translation - 200 rubles (1-2 page document);

       50 rubles / page for multipage documents

  • Document scanning - 50 rubles. (5 rub.) + 10 rubles for each naxt page

  • Document copying - 8 rubles / 1 page (1 run).

  • Photos for documents - 200 rubles. (4 photos)

Translation price may change in the following cases:

- a text written by hand

 - a text contains diagrams and tables

 - highly specialized texts (medicine, engineering, etc.)

 - translation in the day of the order


* CIS: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Tajik, Turkmen, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Romanian, Moldavian, Georgian.

* Baltic States: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

* Europe: Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovak, Greek, Portuguese, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Hungarian

* Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Hebrew

* Other documents: contracts, powers of attorney, statement, consent, judgment, complaints, certificates, transcripts, personal file, memorandum and articles of association, military ID card, and etc.

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